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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
Server Rules

These rules apply to all players on our servers including clan members and admins.

  1. Cheating - Our servers have a strictly no cheating policy. If you are caught cheating on our servers, you will be named, shamed and banned. This includes scripts and exploits.
  2. Spamming - Repeatedly typing unnecessary text in chat to annoy players. If you are caught doing this then you are at risk of having your chat disabled or a kick.
  3. Language - Racism, swearing at someone, insulting someone, threats to someone or discrimination will result in a ban.
  4. Respect - Please respect all admins and players. We are all here for a good time, please don't ruin that.
  5. Team Stacking - Do not stack on the same team as your friends to make the teams uneven. Use auto select or join the team with fewer players.
  6. Tags - The uG| tag can only be used on member names. If you are caught using this tag ingame whilst you are not in uG| you are at risk of a ban.
  7. Religion - You are free to speak about your religion and are free to believe in it proudly but please try to keep discussion and conflict off the servers. You will receive a kick or a ban dependent on how persistent you are.
  8. Advertising - If you are caught advertising another community, clan, or your own personal gaming servers, you are at risk of a ban.

Member and Admin Rules
  1. Respect Players.
  2. Do not multi clan.
  3. Please post your kicks and bans on the forum thread, or we will reduce your admin power to kick only.
  4. Do not abuse your power. This, in a worse case scenario can result in a kick out of uG|.